Most of our work involves sheet metal forming. Our facilities are fully equipped for low to medium volume sheet metal production ranging from simple profiles and brackets to components for specialist applications.

Forming & Shearing

We operate 3 Promecams (3m, 2.5m & 1m) suited to a range of jobs upto 6mm thick with options for manual shearing on our 3m guillotine or on the CNC laser cutting facility. We hold an extensive library of tooling suitable for most angles and curves.

Sheet Rolling

We offer a thin gauge sheet rolling services upto 1m wide in low to medium volumes for both stand alone job lots or as part of a larger fabrication. We can fabricate both single and multiple curve radii to customer specification.


We can fit inserts such as clinch nuts, captive rivets, studs, fasteners and bushes into panels, enclosures, chassis and related sheet metal folded components as well as carry out flow drilling to customer specifications.

Plate & Extrusion

Our work is split between the production of both thin gauge sheet metal components and fabrications as well as extrusion and tube work.

Ancillary Services

Our toolroom is fitted with a wide range of ancillary equipment for the manipulation of sheet metal including fly presses, punching facilities, drills, and linishers as well as the facilities available from our laser cutting, welding and fabrication departments.